Monday, March 22, 2010

I Like Turtles..

03-22-2010, originally uploaded by c2tm.

Went for a walk around English Springs Park in Chino Hills today with the 55-200mm lens. It was a pretty nice day out today at the park. People walking their dogs and jogging around the lake. I actually got quite a few good pictures at the park, but decided to use this as my picture of the day because I had no clue there were turtles at this park. Was taking pictures of ducks and other boring wildlife when I saw these turtles all lined up on this log of some sort. Very cool but very nasty looking water.

By the way go youtube "I like turtles" for me ;)

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  1. what's kinda funny is I took a turtle group shot on monday too. i'll post em up tonight

    btw the code i had to type in said "racceme"