Monday, June 7, 2010

You're Not Leaving Just Yet

89, originally uploaded by c2tm.

Got this picture standing on the side of the 15 freeway in Barstow because andrews car broke down. Not too much fun when you're exhausted, its hot, and you just want to be home already. Saw this sign and knew it had to be one of my pictures.

Henderson Audi / Lamborghini

88, originally uploaded by c2tm.

Last day of our Vegas / Wuste2010 trip, The local Audi/Lambo dealership opened their doors to everyone that made the trip for a farewell BBQ. It was extremely hot outside (record-breaking) so I went outside for just a couple minutes to snap some pictures. Got this one with camille in the reflection of the lambo and some slight lens flare. Went back inside and enjoyed the bbq around some awesome cars.

Adventure Dome

87, originally uploaded by c2tm.

Picture taken inside the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus in Las Veas. Was standing here for a couple minutes with the camera ready for the roller coaster to go by me. Of course right when I turn my head around not paying attention, it goes by and I miss the shot. Not wanting to wait for it again I just gave up and settled for this.

Only The Finest Luxuries..

86, originally uploaded by c2tm.

Just wanted to play around with the sun light coming in from the window shining right into this bottle. Me thinks its pretty cool.

Hangin Around

85, originally uploaded by c2tm.

Rufus just hanging out in the living room waiting for someone to give him attention. I wonder if he knows to stay still when I take a picture of him, it seems like he stays still until he hears the shutter click; or hears another dog...